World's Best Cream

Meet Bill Burley’s Worlds Best Cream!
Family owned and Canadian made, close by just outside Timmins Ontario! 
WBC products are made with all natural ingredients to help with pain relief, including arthritis, joint pain and back pain! Bill set out to find a natural solution to chronic pain. With his knowledge of chemistry (that came from the research into Bio Fuels and Hydrogen Fuel Cells) he found he was able to extract copper from solid bars, which became the key to his product ingredients!
His loyal and happy customers used a number of phrases to describe the product but the most common one, time and time again, was “this is the world’s best cream”. The cream is now sold in hundreds of stores across Canada and has been fully certified as a Natural Health Product by Health Canada.
Combined with other natural ingredients, “Worlds Best Cream” is much more than a proven effective remedy for pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, back pain, muscle & joint aches and pains. This cream is an example of what ingenuity can lead to when one is unafraid to seek out the answers to questions that we all ask ourselves but are too timid or indifferent to pursue.
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