Teak Root Furniture

Do you love unique furniture? Are you looking for something different, uncommon in style? Root furniture will be a perfect fit. 

They are very beautiful and give your home a unique feel. As their name implies, they are made from natural resources like tree branches, roots, wood and palette.

At Vested Interest Trading, we offer a wide range of root furniture designs, which are one of a kind and sourced from local expert crafters. We ensure that the quality of furniture you're getting is the absolute best.

Why Should You Get Root Furniture?

  • Multipurpose

They are often used for both indoor and outdoor events. Their elegance and beauty make them suitable for all kinds of purposes or events.

So if you're the type that often has outdoor events, getting yourself root furniture for your home will serve a dual purpose since you can use it both inside and outside.

  • Strong And Long Lasting

Root Furniture is made to be extremely strong so it can last a long time.

When it comes to root furniture, the fear or cost of replacement due to physical damage or rot is minimized.

  • Uniqueness

Every piece of root furniture is different from the other, so you can be sure no one has the same root furniture you own. They possess a unique shape and color due to the natural materials they are made from (branches, stumps, roots, twisted wood). 

There's a feeling of pride that comes with knowing you've got 100% unique furniture.

  • Affordable

Root Furniture is affordable because it is easily recycled and sustainable. The materials used are easily accessible and this adds to their affordability.

Root Furniture Available At Vested Interest Trading

There are plenty of different types of furniture that can be made from these materials and they include:

  • Root Chairs

These are carved into different designs and make a stunning sight. With sleek colours and looks, you can never go wrong with root chairs.

You can get all sorts of root chair designs at our store.

  • Root Tables

These can be bought as a standalone or together with chairs to match. 

With Vested Interest, you can get your root tables at affordable prices.

  • Root Night Stands

Having exotic furniture like root nightstands in your room sure adds to the appeal. 

We offer them in various designs and shapes.

  • Root Benches

Benches can also be made out of root furniture and placed anywhere in the home that suits you.

They could also be placed at home entrances for guests to sit on. Nothing beats a great first impression.

  • Root Shelves

Root Shelves allow you to arrange your items onto beautiful exotic shelves.

  • Root Displays

You can display your products or even trophies on root displays to make them pop even more. Root displays are a great opportunity to showcase both your luxury items and exotic furniture. 

  • Root Bed Frames

Root bed frames provide great comfort and luxury. With their uniqueness, style and crafting, you're sure to get the best bed frame ever.

Why Should You Buy From Vested Interest?

  • A Touch of Community

Vested Interest as a store loves to support locally created products. We support local artisans and small businesses with their craft. Buying from us extends your support to the community while enjoying exotic root furniture.

  • Budget-Friendly 

You shouldn't have to dent your pocket while furnishing your home with root furniture. 

Whatever your budget is, we have a piece of root furniture for you. 

Check through our catalogue and contact us to make enquiries.

  • Curbside Pick-up 

You can never be too careful and we understand that perfectly. We've made curbside pick up available in our store so you can come to pick up your furniture while maintaining social distancing.

  • Quality Furniture

At Vested Interest Trading, all our Root Furniture are of the greatest quality. They have been made with only the best quality materials and this makes them of great value.


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