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Antique Furniture by Vested Interest Trading in Callander Ontario


Old doesn't have to mean worn out and if you're an antique lover then you already know this. Old can be gold!

Are you fascinated by old and rare items in excellent condition? You've come to the right store!

At Vested Interest Trading, we have a variety of  Antique Furniture from different eras to suit your specific taste and needs. 

These antique pieces of furniture give your home a unique feel and customize it to fit into the style of the era in which they were made. 

If you've always wanted an exotic feel in your space, our antique furniture pieces are perfect for you! 

Why Should You Get Antique Furniture?

  • Exceptional Quality

Antique Furniture is made from quality materials that increase longevity and durability. These materials have a vitality that is better than modern materials and this makes them withstand a lot of stress and strain without getting worn out.

They've been passed through generations and are still able to maintain their perfect appearance.

  • Forever In Style

Antique Furniture pieces have a lot of stories to them but one thing that will never change is their ability to always go with trends. Their uniqueness and rarity makes them stand out and never lose their style.

  • The Value Of Antiques Never Depreciate

Most modern furniture or items lose the majority of their value immediately on use but it's different with antique furniture. No matter how long it takes, the value of your antique furniture continues to appreciate.

  • Eco-Friendly

Getting antique furniture gives your home a unique look while being eco-friendly at the same time. 

You are doing your part in keeping antique furniture out of landfills and increasing pollution.

Antique Pieces Of Furniture Available At Vested Interest

  • Antique Beds

Antique beds can bring a special kind of beauty to your room. Depending on the period your bed is from, the mood and look of your room can be changed completely. 

It usually offers a way out of the boring and hectic waking life.

At Vested Interest Trading, we provide antique beds that will suit your unique needs as well as add beauty to your room.

There are different types of antique beds available on need: antique rope beds, antique iron beds, antique canopy beds, antique sleigh beds, antique brass beds, antique Victorian beds, amongst others.

  • Antique Seats

Antique seats have been known for lasting through each generation without any deformation in their shape. They enhance the beauty of the rooms they are put in while giving it a homey feel. 

At Vested Interest Trading, we have different types of antique seats and styles:

Bergere, Chippendale, Fauteuil, Hepplewhite, Queen Anne, Wainscot, Windsor.

  • Antique Tables

Antique Tables are sturdy and durable. They also add elegance to any room they are found in.

They can be used for different activities like studying, work surfaces as well as baking. Their versatility and easy maintenance is part of their appeal. 

They are made of different wood types like pine, oak, walnut etc. 

The different types of antique tables available include; Tea Tables, Pedestal tables, Trestle table, Kang table.

  • Antique Nightstands

Having a bedside table is an absolute necessity and antique nightstands are the most exotic choice. 

They often come in pairs and this makes it all the more appealing. They are shorter in comparison to other types of tables because they have to be at the same level as the bed frame.

The different types available include:

Bedside Chests, Bedside Cabinets, Bedside Tables, Smart Nightstands, Baroque Nightstands, Rococo Nightstands, Bombe Chest, French Provincial, Chippendale, Shaher Nightstands.

Why Should You Buy From Vested Interest?

  • Quality Furniture

At Vested Interest Trading, all our Antique Furnitures are of the greatest quality.

We guarantee that they have been made with the best quality materials and this makes them of great value.

  • A Touch of Community

Our store supports lots of locally owned businesses. We love to support local artisans and small businesses with their craft. Buying from us extends your support to the community while enjoying the exotic antique furniture you love.

  • Budget-Friendly 

Antique furniture doesn't have to be unaffordable. Whatever your budget is, we have an antique furniture piece for you. You also do not have to make bulk purchases, you can pick up your  furniture one after the other depending on your convenience.

  • Curbside Pick-up 

You can never be too careful and we understand that. We've made curbside pick up available in our store so you can come to pick up your items without coming in contact with anybody.

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