Vested Interest Trading 

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Who We Are 

Since 1993, we have traveled across the world in search of unique and intriguing goods. Along the way, we made it our policy to buy only from family run, cottage industry businesses and never from large manufacturers, helping to ensure the viability and strength of remote villages and the men and women who inhabit them.

At home in Northern Ontario, we support local businesses offering handcrafted charcuterie boards, handmade felted mittens, maple syrup, smoke roasted coffee, organic honey, Soapstones and Tree Top natural soaps and body products. Our Vested Interest collection includes art, furniture, clothing, and home furnishings and more. At Vested Interest Trading, our mission is simple: to import hand-made goods from around the world, to engage in Fair Trade and sustainable practices and to support global economies by working with artisan families in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, and Nepal.

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Our Mission

To develop a prosperous business, which will be admired and respected for its contribution to the goodwill and personal success of its employees
and associates. Our suppliers from Indonesia and other countries will receive our support and concern for their well being, with our strong regard for human rights, and the dignity which they deserve.

We will be a customer driven company which will serve our community and encourage our employees and associates to do likewise. Our clients will receive excellence through quality products, service, and positive attitude.

Our expectation is, that by empowering our management team to grow, and by stimulating personal development, fostering the qualities of integrity and respect for others, a dynamic and successful organization will result.

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