Jacob Approved

Meet Jacob

Do you or someone you know suffer from food allergies?

Meet Jacob!

The Fry family: Cory Nat Jacob, and Cam.

The Fry family from North Bay, Ontario loves shopping at Vested Interest Trading. They are always trying to find new items to add to their son’s acceptable food list due to his anaphylactic allergies. Jacob is a 13 year old Grade 8 student at Ecole Catholic Algonquin. From a young age, Jacob has been allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, raw egg, seafood, tropical fruit, raw bananas, peas & lentils. Mom & Dad educated him from a young age to always read labels & ask the right questions when going to restaurants. They are happy to say, Jacob is able to find a variety of items from Vested interest that are “Jacob Friendly”. 

Here is a little bit about this cool kid...

  • Plays piano, guitar & ukulele since a young age. 
  • Loves to draw on his graphics tablet 
  • Plays hockey, golf & tennis & always enjoys shooting hoops in his backyard 
  • Enjoys PS4/5 time with his friends 
  • Loves having a great wrestling match with his dad & brother Cam
  • When he grows up, he wants to either work for Pixar in graphics design or be in medicine!
We wanted to share Jacob's story and our "Jacob Approved" Foods with you so that anyone with allergies similar to Jacob's, knows what is available here at Vested Interest Trading!
Simply go to our Gourmet Food section, and look for "Jacob Approved" in the drop down menu. All the foods listed there have been Jacob Approved!