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Fair Trade with Vested Interest in Callander Ontario


Vested Interest Trading is a Fair Trade Business


Vested Interest Trading ethically sources their products and uses Fair Trade practices. With mass manufacturing higher than ever, the incredibly high costs of exporting goods from Indonesia are making it harder and harder for local artisans to sustain themselves. Products like jewelry and textiles being exported to Western countries that once provided a good living for people are now being made and exported cheaper in China. Because of this, the livelihood, quality of life and preservation of the Balinese culture is supported by Vested Interest Trading.


Fair Trade is a global social movement which enables producers in developing countries to achieve better working and trading conditions. This is done by improving social and environmental standards in the workplace as well as to promote sustainable farming. The Fair Trade movement focuses on products which are typically exported from developing countries to developed countries.


Why is Fair Trade important in Bali?

The key objectives of Fair Trade, especially in Bali, is to empower and support Balinese artisans and farmers. Fair Trade’s rules guarantee a living wage, offering employees opportunity for advancement and assistance in a safe working environment, engaging in environmentally sustainable practices, being open to public accountability and building long term trade relationships between Indonesia and the rest of the world.


Choosing to make purchases from Fair Trade vendors means:

  1. You are supporting the creation of opportunity for economically disadvantaged producers. Fair Trade organization is dedicated to poverty alleviation and sustainable growth and development for local residents.
  2. You are supporting the ongoing efforts to maintain gender equity & equal opportunity. Among Fair Trade vendors, a large emphasis is placed on ensuring that women's work is as properly valued and rewarded as it is men’s.
  3. You help to support an elimination of the exploitation of children and Indigenous people. Fair Trade companies always create safe and healthy working conditions for its employees.
  4. In purchasing Fair Trade products, you are a part of an exchange that acts from a place of deep reverence and respect for ancient cultural traditions and natural resources. The Fair Trade organization helps producers to hone their local knowledge base so that they can preserve their cultural identity.
  5. You engage in payment of a fair price. This is determined through dialogue and participation from local business owners. It is set to cover not only the costs of production, but to enable artisans to engage in a production process that is socially just and environmentally sound. Fair Trader vendors are also able to ensure prompt payment to their partners and, whenever possible, help producers obtain access to pre-production financing.
  6. You support the preservation of the land for future generations. Fair Trade vendors are educated on how to manage and use their local resources sustainably. Vendors work very personally with their producers. Whenever possible they choose regions of high biodiversity so that they can develop products that do not harm the land, but rather enhance it.
  7. You contribute to a global conversation & revolution of equal opportunity. Fair Trade practices are ultimately in place to facilitate a cross-cultural understanding and respect between consumers and the communities of the developing world.

 Vested Interest Trading is a Fair Trade Business in Callander ON


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