Teak Furniture

Are you a fan of teak furniture or would you like to purchase teak furniture for the first time?

Vested Interest Trading is the right store for you.

At Vested Interest, we have a variety of teak furniture for you to choose from depending on your style and taste.

All our teak products are purchased from small manufacturing companies and local crafters who handcraft the wood to give it it's characteristic look.

If you want furniture that lasts long and can endure every weather, teak furniture is your best option.

Why Should You Get Teak Furniture?

  • Durability

Teak furniture has very high durability, it doesn’t require much maintenance and repair and can withstand any situation.

  • Weather Resistant

If you are looking to purchase furniture that can be used outside as well as inside, then you should buy teak furniture.

  • Pest Resistant

Most furniture made of wood usually attract pests like termites however due to the glossy nature of the teak wood, they are resistant to all pests.

You won't have to worry about infestations or rot.

  • Long-Term Investment 

Teak furniture is a long term investment. It can last for generations without damage and they rarely go out of style.

This ensures that when ready to do a replacement and you need a buyer, you actually get one easily.

  • Easy Maintenance Culture

To maintain teak furniture is quite an easy task. It usually requires thorough cleaning only once a year depending on the accumulation of dirt or stains.

The finishing of your teak furniture usually determines the cleaning method used. 

  • Aesthetic

The beauty of teak furniture is another reason you should get it. Its beauty never seems to fade no matter how old it may be. The beautiful buttery gold colour is always a sight to behold and creates a beautiful impression every time. The older the piece of teak furniture, the more beautiful it looks.

Types Of Teak Furniture We Available At Vested Interest Trading

Although teak furniture is usually multipurpose, it can still be classified into indoor and outdoor teak furniture.

  • Indoor Teak Furniture

Indoor teak furniture is furniture that mainly belongs indoors. Like their usual characteristic, they are very durable and can survive any weather. 

However, they can not be used outside because they are designed for indoor use only and exposing them outside may cause unintended damages.

In this category, we have:

  • Teak Wardrobes
  • Teak Bookshelves
  • Teak Reading Tables
  • Teak Shelves etc.
  • Outdoor Teak Furniture 

Teak furniture is perfect for outdoor use. We have a wide selection of outdoor furniture for you to choose from.

Our outdoor teak furniture collection includes:

  • Teak Furniture for Camp Use
  • Teak Outdoor Coffee Tables
  • Teak Outdoor Dining Tables and Chairs.

Why Should You Purchase Your Teak Furniture From Our Store?

  • Quality Products

Due to the rarity of teak, there are lots of teak lookalikes. It's important to note that although these products may look like teak, they are not. At Vested Interest Trading, we pride ourselves on providing you with only the best. You get only the real teak and nothing below that.

  • Budget-Friendly 

No matter how expensive teak furniture may seem, at Vested Interest Trading, we always have something that matches your budget.

We understand that teak furniture is naturally expensive but we also want the average man to be able to afford it.

Everyone deserves to be special.

  • A Touch of Community 

All teak furniture purchased from us is handcrafted from the best. We get our stock from small and medium scale manufacturers and local crafters. This helps with building and improving the economy of the community.

Buying from us means you support us in our cause while enjoying exotic furniture.

  • Uniqueness 

If you are looking for unique designs, then Vested Interest Trading should be your first stop. 

Our store is stocked up with unique and one of a kind designs. 

  • Variety 

When you shop from us, your choices are unlimited.

We do not limit you to a few options. Instead, we provide a wide range of products you can choose from.

  • We're Open During the Lockdown

We know exactly how much this pandemic has affected a lot of things. We are still here to tend to your needs regardless. With all COVID-19 preventive measures put in place, our store is a safe space for you during this period.

  • Curbside Pick-up 

You can never be too careful and we understand that perfectly. We've made curbside pick up available in our store so you can come to pick up your furniture while maintaining social distancing.

Shop our Teak furniture at uprooted.ca


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