Home Decor from Vested Interest Trading in Callander

Home Decor from Vested Interest Trading in Callander, ON

Home Decor

The majority of our time is spent at home with our loved ones, this makes decorating that safe space a priority and definitely something to look forward to. 

There's nothing that beats decorating your home to your satisfaction and having everything in the perfect arrangement you've always wanted.

At Vested Interest Trading, we cherish that feeling and we provide a wide range of home decor products that helps you bring your imagination to life and make your home the perfect space for you.

Ranging from metal pieces to wall arts to beautiful cushions and so much more, you're at the right store!

Why Should You Even Think of Home Decor?

  • Positive Energy 

A well-decorated home tends to radiate positivity, enhancing your mood and that of your family.

The different decorations and appearance of each room sets it aside from any other and gives the occupants a feeling of ease.

  • Your Decor Speaks

The kind of person you are is mostly indicated in the way your home is decorated. People can easily distinguish between an introvert or an extrovert by the way they decorate their homes.

You can decide to go for calming and intriguing or loud and bright, anything that makes your space home to you.

  • Reusable

Home decor is mostly reusable and everything can be packed when you are about to travel or move. 

It makes setting up and decorating a new home easier and reduces cost.

  • There's No Rush

When it comes to home decor, you are not in any rush to complete it immediately. 

You can take your time, adding one thing at a time according to your budget till you achieve the perfection you crave.

Types Of Home Decor Available At Vested Interest

  • Iron Woven Decors

At Vested Interest Trading, we have varieties of iron woven decors available for you to decorate your space with. They’ll definitely improve the aesthetic of your space.

Some of them include:

  • Black Iron Woven Bird
  • Red Iron Woven Bird
  • Woven Iron Rooster Egg Holder
  • Woven Iron Rooster Basket
  • Bronze Decors

Bronze decors are forever a favourite!

We have different bronze decors available for you to choose from. Just browse through our catalogue.

Some of the available ones include:

  • Rooster Figurine
  • Fish Figurine
  • Deer Figurine
  • Dragonfly Figurine
  • Mouse Figurine
  • Turtle Figurine
  • Maple Leaf Hook Hanger
  • Deer Hook
  • Bird Door Knocker
  • Elephant Hook
  • Horse Hook
  • Eagle Hook

  • Iron Decors

Iron decoise another decorative item that never goes out of style. Crafted into the form of different animals, they definitely liven up your space.

Some of the iron decor you'll find when you go through our inventory include:

  • Orange Iron Butterfly
  • Turquoise Iron Butterfly
  • Blue Iron Butterfly
  • Brown Iron Owl
  • Blue & Green Iron Owl
  • Bamboo Decors

Bamboos are often used as fancy decors because they add personality ta space.

We have them in stock just for you.

Some include:

  • Natural Bamboo Ladder
  • Whitewash Bamboo Ladder
  • Turquoise Bamboo Ladder
  • Red Bamboo Ladder
  • Blue Bamboo Ladder

  • String Tin Decor

There's no objection to how exotic a string tin decor can make your home look.

A variety you could choose from include;

  • Mirrored Lotus
  • Mirrored Reindeer
  • Mirrored Flower
  • Mirrored Butterfly
  • Mirrored Elephant
  • Mirrored Fish
  • Mirrored Dolphin
  • Mirrored Owl

  • Wall Decor

There's no limit to just how much wall decor brightens up your space.

Ranging from colorful strings of hanging flags and words of affirmation to hand-painted batik chakras in different colours to even wall plaques, we've got it all!

  • Cushions 

Cushions have a way of being comforting to look at or hold tight. Having them in your space would always be a great idea.

We have batik patchwork cushions, flower cushions and other decorative cushions.


  • Hanging Blocks

They add personality to your space and you could get them in different words.

There's no better way to keep reminding yourself to follow the words.

Some of the available ones include:

  • Hope
  • Peace
  • Love

Why Should You Buy From Vested Interest?

  • A Touch of Community

Our store boasts of a wide range of locally created products. We love to support local artisans and small businesses with their craft. Buying from us extends your support to the community while enjoying the truly amazing decor.


  • Budget-Friendly 

Decorating your home doesn't have to take too much out of you.

Whatever your budget is, we have something for you. Pick up your home decor one after the other however it's convenient for you.


  • We're Open During the Lockdown

We know just how much this pandemic has limited a lot of things. We are still here to provide for you regardless. With all COVID-19 preventive measures put in place, our store is a safe space for you in this lockdown.


  • Curbside Pick-up

You can never be too careful and we understand that. We've made curbside pick up available in our store so you can come to pick up your items without coming in contact with anybody.



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