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Everyone loves getting gifts. The thrill and excitement that comes with them is always something to look forward to.

It helps you show your love in more ways than one and creates an avenue to give people thoughtful things they really care about.

Are you looking to give a friend or loved one a gift and you do not know what to get? Or you're looking for something special and unique to gift without prior luck? You've come to the right place.

You can get the most thoughtful gifts for your loved ones today at Vested Interest Trading!

With a wide variety of gift items to choose from ranging from food to bath and body products, home decor and even fashion accessories, you can't go wrong with gifting!

What Kind Of Gifts Can You Get At Vested Interest?

At Vested Interest Trading, no one is left out. This is why we offer gifts for every occasion or event. There's no excuse not to get your loved ones that gift!

  • Birthday Gifts

Our wide selection of products leaves you with various options to pick birthday gifts from. Everyone loves to feel special on their birthday no matter the age or gender.

We have something in stock for everyone. You only need to browse through and make a choice. If you're having problems with that, we can help you out!

  • Housewarming Gifts

Is your friend or family member hosting a housewarming party? This might be a perfect opportunity to gift them something. We have various home products for you to choose from. They'll always remember you when they see it around the home.

  • Wedding Gifts

Do you have a wedding to attend and you’re in search of gifts for the couple? Vested Interest Trading has a variety of items suitable for wedding gifts for you to choose from. Ranging from home and decoration products to candles and fire starters, we have the perfect wedding gifts in store!

  • Apology Gifts

It takes a lot to realize you are sorry and even more effort to apologize. This is why we provide a perfect collection of items you can use to show your apology.

Let that person know you're deeply sorry with a thoughtful apology gift they'll love.

  • Gifts For Women 

Want to make the women in your life happy? Get them gifts!

Vested Interest Tradingoffers a wide range of useful products for you to gift the women in your life. Our products are one of a kind and are designed to make your women feel special.

  • Gifts For Men 

Do you know men also love gifts as much as women do? This is why we have a variety of male-inclined products for you to choose from.

  • Gifts For Babies 

Babies are easy to shop for since they'll appreciate whatever you give them. However, we want each baby to feel special and that's why we have a wide selection of products the babies are sure to love.

What Categories Can You Choose From?

Looking for the perfect gift can be a bit of a hassle especially when you do not know what to get or your choices are limited. 

Vested Interest Trading has a wide range of products for you to choose from:

  • Gourmet Meals

We offer gourmet meals for everyone no matter the diet they are on. Ranging from keto diet to vegan diet as well as gluten free foods, you're sure to find a perfect fit.

  • Home and Decor

Our home and decor category is wide and filled with a variety of different items that appeals to different audiences. We have everything you could ever wish to gift a person like frames, storage spaces, book seats etc.

Just browse through and make a fabulous choice!

  • Fashion Items and Jewelry

If you know any lovers of fashion, our fashion and jewelry items are there just for you to choose gifts for them from. Ranging from calm pieces or over-the-top exotic pieces, we've got it all.

  • Candles 

The sweet smell of candles is always soothing. This makes it one of the best gifts for newly-weds or new homeowners.

  • Bath and Body Products

Baths and body products are not left out. From our range of products under this category, there is always something to gift a person depending on their taste and personal preference.

Why Should You Purchase Gift Items From Us?

  • Uniqueness and Personality 

For every gift item you get, there should be a hint of personality. 

Aside from the uniqueness of our products, they can be chosen to match a person’s personality.

  • Budget-Friendly 

The beauty of shopping from us is that we never break your pocket. There is always something that is within your budget.

  • Eco-Friendly

Do you or the person you are buying a gift for prefer eco-friendly products?

If you do, then Vested Interest Trading is the perfect store for you. 

We have a variety of products which enable you to shop green and protect there environment.

  • Community Inclusive

All our gift items are produced by local and small scale manufacturers. This allows us to actively help in community development. Buying from us means you support the community.

  • We're Open During the Lockdown

We know just how much this pandemic has limited a lot of things. We are still here to provide for you regardless. With all COVID-19 preventive measures put in place, our store is a safe space for you in this lockdown. Head over there to grab your gifts for that special person.


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