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Everyone loves to be pampered and beautiful body products are one way to start pampering yourself or a loved one.

Body products are targeted at making your body and skin better, making your skin glow and be wrinkle-free, keeping it smooth and moisturized every time.

At Vested Interest Trading, we provide a variety of products to enhance the appearance of your skin while considering your skin type.

With products ranging from body lotions to body mists, scrubs, conditioners and others, we are confident you'll find everything you need here at Vested Interest Trading!

Body Products Available At Vested Interest Trading

  • Body Mists

Body mists are great hydrating agents and their wonderful fragrance will make you smell great throughout the day.

Some of the body mists we have in stock are: 

  • Home & Body Mist Pure lavender
  • Home & Body Mist Peppermint
  • Home & Body Mist Pink Sugar
  • The Everything Mist LemonGrass
  • The Everything Mist Vanilla Bean

  • Bath Salts

Bath salts have a great effect on the skin. They moisturize, hydrate and help to reduce inflammation of the skin. Additionally, they tend to reduce insomnia, pain and stress levels.

Some of the available bath salts are:

  • Copper Bath Salts- Lavender
  • Copper Bath Salts- Eucalyptus
  • Copper Bath Salts-Lemongrass
  • Pink Sugar Dead Sea
  • Eucalyptus Dead Sea
  • Northern Lights Dead Sea
  • Pure Lavender Dead Sea

  • Body Wash

Body Washes provide a lot of benefits including antibacterial protection that helps you kill off bacteria on your skin while ridding you of dirt and excess oils. 

They contain essential nutrients and vitamins which are beneficial for your skin's health. The majority of them contain moisturizers that help to trap water molecules and important oils in your skin, especially in dry weather.

Some of the body wash we have in stock include:

  • Rosemary Mint Body Wash
  • Enliven Body Wash 
  • Pure Lavender Body wash

  • Body Butter

Body butters serve as a moisturizer while decreasing and clearing up wrinkles and eczema. They help to soothe sunburns and rashes.

Some of the ones we have include:

  • Pure Lavender
  • Northern Lights
  • Cedar and Saffron
  • Pink Sugar

  • Conditioners

Conditioners are often used to repair hair while improving its appearance.

They strengthen the hair follicles resisting damage and dry outs, moisturize your scalp and give it the necessary nutrients it needs. They essentially decrease hair dryness to improve appearance.

Available in the following variety:

  • Enliven conditioner
  • Rosemary Mint conditioner
  • Fragrance-Free conditioner

  • Shampoos

Shampoos used for the ideal hair type makes the condition of the hair better. They contain oils, minerals and extracts that improve the condition of the scalp and give it a nice smell.

Some of the available shampoos include: 

  • Fragrance-Free shampoo
  • Rosemary Mint shampoo
  • Enliven shampoo

  • Bubble Baths

Bubble baths are a great way to relax and they help in the removal of dead skin cells and impurities.

Some of the available ones include:

  • Pure Lavender Bubble Bath
  • Enliven Bubble Bath
  • Northern Lights Bubble Bath
  • Rosemary Mint Bubble Bath

  • Beard Oils

They are very important in the hydration and nourishment of the beards making them soft to touch, easier to manage, itch less, grow properly and less prone to inflammation. 

Available in the following variety:

  • Orig Unscented Beard Oil
  • Majestic Stead Beard Oil
  • Beardsman Beard Oil
  • Old pine Beard Oil
  • Outdoors Man Beard Oil
  • Smokey Scotch Beard Oil
  • Capone Beard Oil
  • Deadwood Beard Oil
  • Signature Beard Oil
  • Capone Beard Oil- Clear Skull 
  • Signature Beard Oil- Black Skull

Why You Should Buy From Vested Interest Trading

  • A Touch of Community

Our store boasts of a wide collection of locally sourced items from local companies and small businesses. It's our own special way of improving and impacting our community.

Buying from us means you're supporting these businesses while enjoying amazing body products.

  • Budget-Friendly 

Getting body products has never been easier. With affordable and budget-friendly prices, we've made it easy for everyone to take care of themselves with our lovely body products.


  • We're Open During the Lockdown 

The pandemic has limited a lot of things and we are aware of that. We are still here to provide for you regardless. With all COVID-19 preventive measures put in place, our store is a safe space for you in this lockdown.

  • Curbside Pick-up

You can never be too careful and we understand that. We've made curbside pick up available at our store so you can come to pick up your items without coming in contact with anybody.


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